10 January 2012

Le Chambourdin

There are several of restaurants at Chambord, very close to the castle. One is called Le Chambourdin. We didn't eat there, but we parked in the restaurant's parking lot and then walked to the château. Since it was about ten in the morning, the restaurant was closed and the parking lot was empty.

The entrance is not on the street but just off
the parking area to the left.

Le Chambourdin looks like an old road house to me. I've searched around the 'net for more information about it, looking especially for customer reviews, but I've come up empty-handed. It looks like a much more substantial restaurant than some of the fast-food, snack-bar places that are clustered around the edge of the main parking lot for château visitors.

An old roadhouse?

As is customary or even required in France, the restaurant's carte and menu are posted outside so that passers-by can look it over and make a decision about eating there or not. Here's a photo of the set-price menu.

If you want just a main course and a dessert, it's 18 euros. For three euros more, you can have a starter course and a main dish (but no dessert). If you want all three courses, it'll be 27.90 euros. That's about $40 U.S. It's on the high end of what you might pay for lunch in a restaurant out in the country — but this is Chambord, after all.

The choice of appetizers includes a salad with goat cheese melted on toast, or a terrine of red mullet with cocktail sauce. The main dishes are a piece of salmon fillet with vegetables and saffron rice, or chicken with stuffing, a Tourangelle sauce, vegetables, and potato. Desserts include the classics: crème brûlée, mousse au chocolat, ice creams, sorbets, pastries, charlotte, or chocolate cake with egg custard sauce.

If you've eaten at Le Chambourdin, I'd like to hear about the experience.


  1. Wow! that is weird - not even Gralon or Internautes has a single review!

  2. They had me at 'hot goat cheese'.... on golly.. sounds delish!

  3. Here are a few reviews of Le Chambourdin I found (all served with big grains of salt).


    Google Translate can help you with this German review:


  4. The restaurant's here also post their menu outside.

  5. Thanks Jean. The German review is not bad, but the French one is scathing. French people are often very critical of the food and service in restaurants, in my experience.

  6. Back in the late 60's I ate at a restaurant beside a chateau. I'm almost certain it was Chambord. It was a very large chateau. I still remember it as the very best meal I have ever eaten anywhere. Sorry I don't recall the name of the place and can't even really envision it right now.
    Could it be that Le Chambourdin used to be called something else?


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