16 January 2012

Bertie on the hearth

Now that it has finally turned cold, Bertie is much more interested in coming into the house. He likes to sit by the fireplace when there's a fire going in the stove.

Bertie the Black Cat by the fireplace

Yesterday morning he sat there waiting to get warm. Problem was, there was no fire. He finally found a warm radiator and sat next to that for a few minutes before asking to go back outside a while later. It's not freezing cold down in the garage where he sleeps, but it's colder down there now than it has been in quite a few months.


  1. Now there was meself thinking... Pandas. Did you venture into the throng that must have surrounded the zoo? Or, with the cold, did you just keep the cat and Callie company.

    And I like the fireplace brush... is it reed or willow?

  2. Tim, we spent the afternoon with friends on the other side of Saint-Aignan from our house. We didn't go near the zoo. And as for the brush/broom, your guess is as good as mine...

  3. Cute cat :-)

  4. Awwww, I always love to see and hear about Bertie :)

    I'm also looking at your wood burner... we're thinking of converting our gas fireplace (here in the new house) into something wood burning that will give off heat. We think that this one was probably even originally a wood-burning fireplace. The current one has a (loud) blower on it, but it doesn't at all feel like it blows heat. I don't get any comfort or enjoyment whatsoever from the gas fireplace. It feels like I'm sitting by the kitchen stove, not by a nice, crackling fireplace :)

    Was it difficult to retro-fit your wood burner to use the existing fireplace space?


  5. Ahah, Bertie is showing his true colours ... That sly look indicates that he's a real hunter and not the cuddly little kitty we all want him to be! Martine

    P.S. His coat is nice and shiny, showing that his diet of mice and birds is exactly what he needs

  6. Tell Bertie his cat-friends here in Ohio have been spending a lot of time by our fire...there's plenty of room for another "cat puddle" around ours!

  7. Bertie is one smart feline!


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