13 February 2008

Mennetou-sur-Cher III

Okay, so maybe that's enough about Mennetou. Here are ten more pictures. Some were taken in December 2004 and others in May 2006. Remember that you can click the mouse on the pictures to enlarge them, and then click your browser's Back arrow to return to the main blog page.

Green moss grows on the town's rooftops.

Pigeons sit on the roof of the church.

Not sure exacttly what kind of building this is...

...but this is a close-up of the Gothic-arched windows.

This is the famous Canal du Berry, not longer used for
barge traffic but as a place to canoe and fish.

An old door and a seemingly new window.

This is the Porte d'En-Haut — the Upper Gate — seen from outside
town. I don't know if trains even stop at Mennetou these days.

A view of the Port d'En-Haut taken from inside the village walls.
The Lower Gate, or Porte d'En-Bas, is the one in the earlier posting
with the plaque commemorating Joan of Arc's visit in 1429.

Old walls and houses in Mennetou-sur-Cher,
between Vierzon and Saint-Aignan.

And here is the exit. It's one of three exits from the
old village
that are left over from the Middle Ages.


  1. Very interesting series on Mennetou-sur-Cher, and well documented. Thank you.

  2. I've really enjoyed your series also, Ken. I've been listening to "Pillars of the Earth" on my ipod, so the photos of the stonework fit right in to my story. The ramparts took a lot of work to make, but served their purpose in days long ago.

  3. From Claudia in Toronto

    In close-ups, the photos show so well la patine du temps. The village seems asleep in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if a knight would appear at the gate.

    A truly atmospheric trip. Thank you.

  4. I just love the photo with the railroad tracks. A very different vision from the typical tourist one.

  5. Oops! sorry...to continue:

    We will be staying in the area in June...Varennes sur Fouzon. Of course we plan to tour the more famous sites but now, thanks to your blog, my family will also go to Mennetou.....which looks very interesting.

    Thank you,

  6. Hello Lynn, I've never been to Varennes-sur-Fouzon but I've gone through Chabris, which is not far and has an interesting church. Selles-sur-Cher has a great outdoor market on Thursday mornings. Valençay is worth visiting for the château of course and there's a market there on Tuesday mornings. Hope you have a great time.


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