04 March 2007

Where are you headed?

Au Mont Saint-Michel en juin 2006

Peter just returned to California after a two-week visit to the Dordogne, the Loir-et-Cher, and Paris. Claude from Paris is headed off to London. Friends who live in Normandy are spending a weekend in Paris with their son. Evelyn just got home from Florida and is starting to plan a trip to France for the summer.

Le Mont Saint-Michel on the Normandy coast, September 2004

And Ken and Walt are heading off tomorrow for the Mont Saint-Michel for a night or two, with a stop-off in Nantes on the way back to Saint-Aignan. Photography (if the weather cooperates) and seafood are on the agenda. We hope there won't be throngs of people in the steep, narrow streets of the Mont at this season.

June 2006

Where are you going this spring?

Sheep grazing on the salt marshes at the Mont Saint-Michel
June 2006


  1. How wonderful to go to Le Mont in this season. Hopefully, since Paris school holidays are over, you might not have too many people.
    Do you know this saying?
    "Et le Couesnon, dans sa folie
    A mis le Mont en Normandie"

    A Britton saying obviously ;)
    Le Couesnon, being the little river near Le Mont Saint-Michel

  2. Jill and I are heading to Napa for a couple of nights this coming weekend. We're mainly going for the drinking and eating.

  3. Paris in April. Do I have to explain why?
    And in nine hours, we'll be in freezing Colombus, Ohio.

  4. Have a wonderful time, Ken and btw Happy Birthday!

    We are going to Hilton Head with friends toward the end of the month, but my mind is on France. I've been reading Mark Cramer's "Inside Paris" and making notes in the "L'indispensable" map book that you gave me.

  5. Paris, mais naturellement, via Detroit.

    For two heavenly weeks.


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