30 May 2023

A moan, a selfie, and some more flowers

Some days you just feel like taking a day off. That would be my plan for today. Besides, I have to go get my hair cut this morning. That means going to a new coiffeuse or coiffeur, because the woman who owned and operated the village salon de coiffure for the past 10 years closed the shutters and sold the business this month. She said she couldn't keep going, for financial reasons. She also has three children, two of them toddlers, to take care of.

Thanks to the pandemic lock-downs, a lot of local men realized they could cut their own hair, so our village coiffeuse lost a lot of business. At the same time, quite a few local women stopped coloring their hair and adopted a more natural look. That meant she lost even more business. This morning, I'm going to get my hair cut in "downtown" Saint-Aignan by somebody I've never met before. Maybe I should just get my head shaved.

Here's a selfie that I took on a May day about a decade ago...

One reason I need a haircut is because I need to have a photo taken for the renewal of my U.S. passport. And I really want to get a new French driver's license, and that means a new photo too. At least we have a photographer in Saint-Aignan who does photos for such documents. I'm going to see her tomorrow morning. Maybe this will be my last passport renewal.

I'm still having a lot of computer problems. Day before yesterday I ordered a new hard disk for my laptop computer. It's a 1 TB SSD drive, and it cost all of 50 euros. I ordered it from Amazon.fr and it was delivered yesterday. I copied everything off the old hard disk, which is about 6 years old. It might be failing, and I think I got everything copied just in time. Now I have to install the SSD in the laptop and hold my breath, hoping for the best.

I'll decorate this post with a few more month-of-May photos. Maybe I'll find something more scintillating to write a blog post about tomorrow.


  1. Ha :) I don't think we need scintillating, Ken, we just enjoy hearing the latest, and seeing your photos for the day, and connecting :) I bet you'll be pleased with the hair cut... it always seems to brighten things up, having fresh, short hair, I think.

  2. The haircut experience was great. More about that tomorrow.

  3. Looking forward to reading about your haircut experience.

  4. Wondering what that flower is on the upper left?


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