23 July 2021

Painted walls inside the St-Laurent priory in Palluau-sur-Indre

The priory (a chapel that was part of a small convent or monastery) dedicated to Saint-Laurent (St. Lawrence) in Palluau-sur-Indre was built in the 11th century and its walls are covered in wall paintings dating back as far as the 12th century. I saw it and took these pictures there in July 2006. In the 19th century a fire destroyed all the archives that might have detailed the priory's history, so not much is known about it.

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  1. Excellent. Some of these photos are more sophisticated than others, which means they are of different periods. I remember how small the priory was and it surprised me. I might have taken some photos, too, but I might never be able to get back to them. For some reason, I was unable to paste the comment I prepared in Notes! We take electronics too much for granted!

    1. Of course, I meant some of these paintings...

  2. It's very cool to get to see these wall paintings. What a shame that a fire destroyed the records.

  3. These look very early Romanesque, the coat of arms later. When I saw St-Laurent, I thought oh, Yves Saint Laurent has a priory....the power of branding.


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