03 July 2021

Chenonceau on the Cher

We wound up our long day of sightseeing on Tuesday at the Château de Chenonceau, after a stop at Chambord before lunch; a Blois drive-by; lunch and wine tasting at Vouvray; and a Kodak moment at Amboise. Chenonceaux (with an X, that's the name of the town) is about 25 kilometers (15 miles) downriver from Saint-Aignan.

The Cher River looking west (downriver) from a spot close to the Château de Chenonceau (no final X).

The château spans the river at Chenonceaux. It was built in the first half of the 16th century, on the site of a medieval
château that had been torn down. At Chenonceau, there's a dirt hiking/bicycle path along the left (south) bank
of the river where you can enjoy these views of the château without having to
stand in line, deal with crowds, and pay an entrance fee.

The path was pretty muddy and slippery after our recent rains, but we carefully walked about 200 meters, I think,
after we had driven as far as we could and parked the car. We wanted to see the building up close.
The tower on the left is all that remains of the earlier fortified château.

Here's another view of the Cher. I took it as we walked back to the car. We were lucky — we didn't get rained on.


  1. All these decades I never knew about the town having and "x" and the chateau not. Does this name have any meaning? I think Chenonceau and Chambord are the real classics.

  2. From whichever spot you look at this iconic chateau it is beautiful. If I had either the first or the last photo view from my window, I don't think I ever could get tired of it. We did stroll that left bank walk together a few years back. As you say the best way to visit Chenonceau. Thank you for these beautiful photos. I'm sure Esta was impressed.

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful scenery. I was always confused about wether or not to use an X. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. Whether not wether! sigh....

  5. Harriett and I were trying to remember how we got on that side of the river to see the chateau up close. Now we have the answer!

    Is is open for visitors? It looked completely empty on the helicopter shot when the Tour de France went through that area a couple days ago. (There was also a great view of Saint-Aignan by helicopter and motorcycle.)

    1. Hi Tom, I think it's not open to the public yet, but will be soon.

  6. These are beautiful photos, Ken-- my goodness :) The way you captured the sky's reflection in the water, is especially nice.

  7. Oui, those slight ripples in the river just immediately made me feel calm and reflexive! Nice shot, Ken!

  8. What a lovely river. I want to be out on it, messing about in boats, in your last photo.


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