27 July 2021

La Chapelle Saint-Lazare à Noyers-sur-Cher

The chapel called Saint-Lazare is in Noyers-sur-Cher, just across the river from Saint-Aignan. It's less than two miles from our house as the owl flies (more about that later). Lazare or Lazarus was the patron saint of lepers, and there was a leper house or colony in Noyers back in the 12th century, when the chapel in my photos was built. I think that means it was a chapel where lepers could go to pray to be cured of the disease. The old hospice it was attached to is long gone, but the chapel has survived. It's located on the main east-west road in our area and not far from the banks of the Cher river.





  1. C’est un petit bijou, this is a little jewel! I had it for some time as a screen saver on one of my laptops.
    What I like about France, no biais at all there, is that there is always something interesting to see at every corner. Be it a church or chapel as it is here, or a hidden chateau to discover, or not so hidden, or a beautiful landscape, or aplus beau village. It is endless and so varied depending on the region you are in!

  2. You are so right, chm! This little gem was near the B&B where I stayed last month. Leprosy was so horrible.


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