14 January 2021

Dehillerin, Bonne-Nouvelle, et étals de marchés

Along with the La Bovida kitchen store, and even more typical of the neighborhood, is the E. Dehillerin
(the E. stands for Eugène) store on the rue Coquillière, near the old Au Pied de Cochon brasserie.
Dehillerin has been in business since 1820, according to the company's web site, and has an online store.
Below are photos of the storefront and the interior of the store, which is packed full of kitchen things and
not easy to browse around in. Be that as it may, exploring it can be very rewarding.

Here's a view of the nearby Grands Boulevards on the northern edge of central Paris.
I'm posting it partly for my friend Evelyn, who spent a summer in the neighborhood a few (!) years ago.

And here are a couple of photos of market stands in the Latin Quarter, on the rue Mouffetard.
I always love seeing these neat, tidy, and appetizing market-stall displays (étals) of fruits and vegetables.



  1. Didn't we go once to a kitchen store in San Francisco, reminiscent of Dehillerin?

    If I'm not mistaken, there is a kitchen store near or at the corner of rues du Bac and Babylone that I meant to visit and never did.

    Just like you, I like those open air markets and the attractive displays of fruits and vegetables. These people are real artists!

    1. The store in San Francisco must have been Sur la Table. It seems to have gone away, but there are Sur la Table stores in Berkeley, Palo Alto, etc.

      At Bac-Babylone in Paris there's the Conran Shop. Maybe that's the place you are thinking of.

    2. Yes, at Sur la table, I bought a butter knife that I still use.
      It probably is The Conran Shop I was thinking about. Merci!

    3. Sur la table, great store. They recently closed many locations here in Southern California. But I think there are still a few left.

      Dehillerin is within walking distance of the Louvre and I love those copper molds. Wonder how much they go for? Another store I'd love to visit is Astier de Villate. Crazy prices, but amazing stuff!

    4. I had never heard of Astier de Villatte so i googled it. Wow! I just love white ceramics. This is too good for him not to be gay. Many copies ffom the old days but, also, new ideas. Must be quite expensive. Thanks D. for the information.

  2. LOVE those markets, and I need to visit a good kitchen store like that,

  3. I love these displays,too!
    Our local Sur la Table store here in Frontenac Plaza (an upscale mall), closed, as a result of the loss of business because of the pandemic. Other locations around the country may have closed, too.

  4. I went into Dehillerin one time only. The employees were horribly snooty but the copper was gorgeous.

  5. Dehillerin is a great place to shop for friends who like to cook, for friends who like to eat and for myself too! I’ve always had pleasant experiences there. And LEEKS! Thanks for these beautiful market pictures.

  6. Thanks for the Grands Boulevards photo, Ken! Great memories on that street before McDonalds.

  7. Now you've done it! All those beautiful copper pots at Dehillerin. I have a couple (from the old Bridge store in NY back in the day) that need retinning. Lots of work to maintain, but I love the way they cook.
    And leeks!!


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