01 January 2021

Cuisses d'oie et cornilles font un bon et heureux nouvel an

Happy New Year to all. Bonne année. Here's what we'll be eating today to start the new year off with a bang
and some good luck for the next 12 months. I'm not sure whether my meal plan was based on these:

Or on these:

I noticed these goose legs (cuisses d'oie) in the display case at the poultry vendor's stand in the Saint-Aignan market
the other day, and they looked too good to pass up. How often do we get to enjoy eating goose?

As you know, however, black-eyed peas are traditional with many of us for a New Year's Day dinner.
These are imported from Portugal and are usually available in the supermarkets.
I cooked them and the goose leg-and-thigh pieces in the slow-cooker overnight.

I also have some saucisses de Toulouse to cook and serve with the black-eyes and the goose. Toulouse sausage is fresh,
not smoked, and it's pure pork. It goes into cassoulets in France. My pot of black-eyed peas is a fusion cassoulet.

And also some of this: smoked belly — poitrine fumée in French. Smoked pork breast.
I think I'll just chop up some of the lean pork and add it to the beans, along with some cooked onions and carrots.

It's already been 2021 here in France for six hours. It already feels better than 2020.


  1. Ken and Walt.....
    here's wishing you a....
    Hippo Ghu Era.....
    May 2021 be kinder on Personkind
    And may Walt, yourself and yours remain safe and well!!

    1. Happy new year to Tim and Pauline. All the best to you, Ken

  2. Happy New Year from us!
    We have the feeling that the first few months will be a bumpy ride but there is hope for the spring. Stay safe, keep well and I hope we get to see you this year!

  3. That looks like good fixins! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year everybody!

  5. Happy New Year from Lewis and me! I bet the goose was delicious.

  6. Happy New Year to you both!
    Those beans looks so good. Now I'm wondering where I can get some goose.

  7. Happy New Year! Some great looking food here. I especially like the goose leg. In the US it's pretty difficult to get even a whole goose, let alone any parts. I fondly remember the goose breasts we had at a restaurant in Alsace many years ago.

  8. Happy 2021, wishing joy, health and prosperity to all!

  9. Farewell to 2020, and may we never see its like again.
    Happy new year to all, joy and sunshine.


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