30 November 2019

Like cats and dogs

Yesterday as we were eating our lunch of leftover leg of lamb, steamed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and mayonnaise, I noticed that Tasha the Sheltie and Bertie the Black Cat were sitting in front of the sliding glass doors in the dining area. They were watching, I think, birds on the feeder out on the terrace. At least Bertie probably was — Tasha might just have been waiting for somebody to walk or drive by. Luckily, nobody did, because she barks like crazy when that happends.

Julia Child, I think it was, gave this advice: "Never apologize for your food" when you have guests in for a meal. I guess the same could apply to photos. Never apologize for them after you've decided to post them on a blog. So I won't. All I could do was pick up the camera, which just happened to be on the table, and snap them.

I knew I couldn't get up and move to a better vantage point, because if I moved the dog and cat would move too. As it was, when they heard the camera click, they turned away from the show outdoors and turned to watch what I was doing. They probably hoped I might be getting ready to give them something to eat, even though we never feed them from the table.

When they realized they weren't getting any food, they seemed crest-fallen, and closed their eyes. They didn't look away, though, just in case... They seem to enjoy each other's company these days. Natasha will soon be three years old, and Bertie will turn thirteen in April.


  1. Can't think of anyone we'd prefer sharing our meals with than our two dogs, our family members. They are so appreciative and we enjoy their company. They have a wide range of foods they favor. There are things they won't touch and we often delete them from our menu repertoire.

  2. Such a lovely set of photos!

    1. By the way, how's your foot. Completely healed?

  3. We never thought we'd see scenes like this, 3 or more years ago, eh? :) It's very heartwarming. I love these photos!

  4. Lucky for you and us that your camera was handy. I know what you mean about the objects of the photo reacting to the camera! They look so contented on the rug in front of the window! Great friends!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. I love how they seem to synchronize their movements - which they probably did in this case. :) I'm glad you always have your camera handy - wouldn't want to have missed these. And, like Judy, I'm so happy that they're friends - they certainly look it here as well!


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