03 October 2019

Quelques animaux que j'ai vus à Blois

Here are some photos of "wildlife" that I've taken in Blois over the years.
The slideshow runs for nearly two minutes and is made up of 15 photos.

The porcupine was the chosen emblem of the early 16th century king Louis XII. That's Louis (Le Père du Peuple) on horseback. The salamander was the emblem that Louis's successor, François 1er, chose for himself, and that him with the roof-beam halo in a photo I took at nearby Chambord a few years ago. François had the château de Chambord built. He died in mid-century. The rest of the photos of animals are pretty random. The last photo shows a (mechanical) dragon sticking its head out the window of the Maison de la Magie, near the château.


  1. Enjoyed this! The porcupines were fun (they looked difficult to carve) and the mythological fish in the first photo is interesting. No alligators from the moat?

  2. The problem with the aligators is they don't speak Spanish ;-)


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