07 January 2015

Streets and shops of Irancy

We drove down into Irancy with the idea that we might find a place where we could buy a few bottles of wine. Maybe a supermarket or grocery store, for example, or a wine cooperative, or an individual grower and vintner. Irancy is a picturesque village (like thousands of others in France).

We didn't see any shops. There was one bar-restaurant. We'd already had lunch though, back at the gite. Off the main street of the village there were a lot of very narrow side streets — ruelles or lanes — that I wouldn't have dared to take the car down.

The total population of Irancy is about 300.

The main street is the rue Soufflot, named after the famous architect, who was born here. We saw several wineries along the street, as well as the village hall or mairie (where the maire or mayor has his or her office).

We also saw this place called Chais et Crus — Cellars and Wines — near the mairie. It looked too upscale to me to be interesting. The wines might be good but I could just imagine the premium prices such a shop would charge. It turns out the Chais et Crus is a cooperative, un groupement de producteurs, where several winemakers let you taste and buy their wines. We went into the place next door, which looked more typique and authentique...


  1. Ken, i'm just waking up to the news of the attack in Paris. i'm so sorry - such a horrible situation. my thoughts are with you and your 'soon to be new' countrymen. it will be very interesting to see France's response.

    1. OhioFarmGirl, I am devastated by the death of talented, intelligent artists/journalists like Wolinski and Cabu, among others, in this terrorist attack. This is a very sad day.

  2. Yes, it is a very sad day. Hollande's speech was short, but excellent and to the point.

  3. The Internet here in France isn't working very well tonight. Overwhelmed, I guess … which is the way I feel.


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