26 January 2015

Époisses... oh yeah, it's a village

I got so carried away with the cheese yesterday that I neglected to post pictures of the village of Époisses itself. Below is the main entrance gate to the grounds of the town's château — it's where we parked the car and had our picnic.

Having picnics at lunchtime reminds me the days when we would come to France from California, back in the late 1980s and during the 1990s, when we were young and did a lot of driving around the country. We often stayed in hotels, not gites, so we couldn't cook. We didn't want to eat in restaurants twice a day so we would have a picnic at lunchtime and a restaurant dinner in the evening.

Above is another view of Époisses from our parked car. We didn't go into the château, partly because of the dog and also because it's closed between noon and 3:00 p.m. Despite the drizzle, we would have taken a stroll around the grounds of the château, which are open at lunchtime, except for the big sign on the gate saying that dogs were not allowed in.

Above is what I assume to be some local artist's rendering of the village of Époisses. It's street art, painted on the side of some kind of electrical or telephone switching box near the town's recreation and sports center.

And finally, above is a photo of the Château d'Époisses. You can tell I didn't take it the day we were there — look at that blue sky! I grabbed it off the internet at www.all-free-photos.com. If you want to know more about the château, here's the web site: http://www.chateaudepoisses.com/


  1. I love Epoisses cheese ... although it is a bit of a 'stinker', isn't it?:) But the taste and texture are delicious. Another favourite of mine in the same category is the Mont D'Or. Have you tried it? I surely recommend it! Pity you didn't get to visit the château and/or its grounds. The style is different from the Loire Valley castles. But then Burgundy doesn't have the famous limestone, which makes the Loire Valley castles so unique. Martine

  2. Thus are the realities of traveling with a dog, and also the realities of the hours that many French tourist sights keep. After Époisses, we spent time walking around in two splendid villages, with a stop in another, before we returned to our gite for the evening. Wait and see...


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