18 January 2015


In a way, it's too bad that dogs don't hibernate. Winter is pretty boring time. When it's not too cold outdoors, it's too wet for them to wander around the yard. Callie sleeps a lot in winter, but she also comes and begs us to play with her during the day. In this photo, I caught her napping but not sleeping deeply — she saw me.

Still, she gets two walks a day in the vineyard year-round. No matter how wet or how cold it is. If it's really raining, the walks are shorter. This morning the temperature outside is down to freezing, and Walt just told me there's ice on the upstairs windows, but I can see a sliver of moon through the living room curtains. That means it's not raining — or snowing, but that wouldn't matter much. We'll have a long walk before the hunters arrive later this morning.


  1. My dog loves sleeping in winter,too.

  2. callie - ever on alert to protect her daddies.

  3. we call these "Boring Dog Days" - we are having them now also. everyone is so bored and fussy. but dogs are kind of like big cats - they like to sleep a lot.

  4. awww :) I always love a Callie photo :)


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