31 January 2015

Montréal countryside views

We had some snow yesterday, but it lasted only 15 or 20 minutes at most and didn't stick on the road or the grass. The worst part of yesterday's weather was the wind — it was stiff and frigid. Walking out into the vineyard with Callie in the morning meant facing a freezing headwind, but the walk back was easy with the wind at my back. Good-bye, January.

Meanwhile, I'm doing another in my series of posts about Montréal in Burgundy. Here are some photos of the views out over the countryside that we enjoyed from the top of the village, near the church.

Above and on the right are photos of what the Michelin Guide describes as « une vaste ferme bourguignonne fortifiée » — a impressive Burgundian fortified farmstead — below Montréal.

I have too many photos and I'm not good at picking and choosing. Instead of leaving any of these out, I'll just make some of them smaller. You can click on any photo to see it at a larger size.

On the left and below, local Charolais cattle graze on green pastureland.

On the right and below, are views in two different directions.

Below, Callie is tempted by a country road that winds down toward the fields below. We didn't walk down there, but the dog enjoyed her stroll through the streets and parks of Montréal.

Finally, after our walk around Montréal, we got back to the car and headed over to the village of Thizy, which you can see in the photo below, off in the distance. I took some photos there too.

The weather here in Saint-Aignan is turning cold again, and it is a pleasure to look at all the green in these photos and remember how warm and sunny it was that October afternoon at Montréal in Burgundy.


  1. I'd kill for some warm and sunny right now...too much snow, cold blustery winds, and more snow coming on monday...


    1. Anne Marie, even though it hasn't been all that cold here, it has been gray and damp for too long. My sympathies.

  2. Thoroughly enjoying this tour, Ken. Living in Texas where we
    get so little rain, it's a great pleasure to look upon those lush
    green pastures.

  3. idyllic
    we've had horrid winds here in western NC too....this am, calm, but 25....brrrrr

  4. Winds have been howling here (for the past 24 hours), and we've got strong-wind warning through Wednesday. Thankfully temps are in the high teens (C). These photos are stunning!

  5. Perfect timing for these beautiful photos. Merci!

  6. I, too, would like to say "Goodbye January" ( It's been very cold, minus double digits Centigrade cold, and patches of ice here and there ) but February ( at least the first week) looks like it is going to be the same. Will see what the groundhog says on Monday as far as winter being long or not :-)


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