29 June 2012

Late evening

We sat out on the terrace, around the table, until midnight. Here's what's left.

Clockwise from bottom left: fresh goat cheese; semi-dry goat cheese;
Chaource cheese; Rosette saucisson sec; Epoisses cheese

The rillettes d'oie and the salade de cœurs de palmiers are long gone. Nice evening.


  1. You know that summer has arrived when you are still sitting out at midnight.

    I see some Chaource is left over....my favourite.

  2. At last it is warm enough to sit outside. I will happily help you eat that Epoisses cheese, it is delicious. have a good weekend Diane

  3. The epoisse looks soooo good. We can actually get it here in the states but it is super expensive and always seems dried out or something, it cuts like a brie and doesn't get that lovely spoonable consistency. It's always one of the first things I buy when in France. Enjoy!!

  4. Ahhhh, sitting out on the terrace until midnight, in the summer, eating yummy things, enjoying company-- all good :))

    (Unfortunately, here, I have to go in once it's dusk, because of the mosquitoes. I love a screened-in poch!)

  5. Don't think Ive ever had Epoisses cheese, but it looks like something I would really enjoy. If I ever get to France again (maybe this the end of summer this year) I'll have to remember to try that.

  6. Is saucissons what the Spanish call sobresada [no idea if that's spelled right]? It looks the same.

  7. Aahhh....that sounds wonderful.
    I can almost taste that runny cheese.
    Looking forward to sitting outside til late with you guys again in a while.
    Melbourne is cold!

  8. Emm, sorry I haven't answered your question. It's because I don't know the answer.

    Hi Sue. That weather we had in late May finally came back, after a few weeks of rain.

    And Lynn, yes, that's the problem with French cheeses in the U.S. Often they've traveled for too long and gotten over-ripe or over-dry.


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