16 June 2012

Violets are blue...

...but roses are red. Did I mention that this is a theme?

For a few years now, we've been meaning to dig these red roses up and plant them elsewhere. Somewhere sunnier. But somehow it never happens.

If they were edible, we'd probably be more motivated. Wait, maybe they are. I've been to Provins. Have you? I'm thinking confiture de pétales de roses.

Tomorrow I'm going to stretch the red theme a little. It's comforting to see these bright colors when the skies around Saint-Aignan are so gray.


  1. Red is one of my favorite color. Except when I see red!

  2. Hope you don't see red at the restaurant this afternoon!

  3. My friend Virginia of "Paris Through My Lens" (http://paristhroughmylens.blogspot.com/) would love these.


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