02 June 2012


Gardening, that is. We're getting there, but we might have a smaller garden than usual this year. And that'll be fine, as long as we get some bell peppers, aubergines (eggplant), and tomatoes.


Yesterday, while I got the motobineuse (rototiller, rotary cultivator) cleaned up in preparation for taking it to the Gamm' Vert store in Saint-Aignan for repairs and service, Walt set out a lot of the plants we bought day before yesterday. I also dug out an old tree stump that has taken nine years to finally rot away.

Aubergines et poivrons

He planted the peppers and aubergines — six of each — in the long row that I managed to get till up before the motobineuse (which literally means "motorized hoe", « biner » being "to hoe" or "to harrow") broke down. And he started planting tomatoes in the square garden plot that I tilled as well. We'll have 15 or more tomato plants.

Somehow we have to get one machine into the other.

Meanwhile, we still face the task of getting the rototiller into the back of the Peugeot and hauling it to town. The "handlebars" will come off, we think, so it will fit. The main problem will be the weight of the thing. I hope we can lift it and get it into the car without doing damage to either machine.

La maison, côté jardin

The garden doesn't look like much yet, but at least it looks neat. It will grow up in no time, with any luck. And sometime in August we'll start harvesting. Walt plans to plant beans (haricots verts) and squash (courgettes) as well, and as soon as possible. The weather is supposed to cool down slightly this week, which might not be so good for the garden but will be good for the gardeners.


  1. The wisteria seems to have grown a lot. Did it bloom profusely? Or was it when you were away?

  2. CHM, yes, the wisteria has grown a lot. It bloomed but not profusely, unless it happened while we were in the U.S. for two weeks. I think the spring was rainy and cool enough that it didn't bloom profusely this year.

  3. Actually Ken it all looks great. I have a winter vegetable garden planted here in Perth...I think your ongoing photos of your "veggies" are going to be better than mine. Happy gardening! Louise

  4. hey Ken! when i think about you i think about stinky heart shaped cheese.... i'm talking about you!

    best wishes and much thanks, as always

  5. I'm not so much worried about the 'two machines' getting damaged. I was thinking more in the line of the 'two humans' who have to lift the small machine into the big machine suffering back damage! ;) Martine

  6. Whew. I hope all goes well with the rototiller moving.
    I'm excited to see your garden being planted, and will enjoy watching its progress throughout the summer.Oh boy! It does look very neat, and we know how much work went into making it look that way.

  7. No Roland Garros for Walt until the laurel hedge is pruned back.

  8. You have probably already considered using a plank to walk the tiller into the back of the Peugeot - ? Or perhaps it might take two planks...

    Cool weather is good!

    Mary in Oregon

  9. Dean, the hedge gets trimmed in September/October, so Walt gets to watch Roland Garros tennis for having trimmed it last year!

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  11. It seems to have greenery over here a lot. The wisteria and increased rapidly. It looks so nice have so.

  12. nice post, i Actually I have a summer vegetable garden planted here in Jakarta...I think your ongoing photos of your "veggies" are going to be better than mine. Happy gardening friend


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