10 June 2012

Paris Store is no more

At least in Blois, there's no more Paris Store. That was the Asian/imported products market we'd gotten used to visiting every couple of months for cooking supplies over the past few years. I took CHM to Blois early yesterday so he could catch his train back to Paris, and then I went shopping.

So much for the good weather...

I tried to go shopping, I should say. There's a sign in the front window of feu Paris Store pointing customers to the Paris Store location in Tours, north of that city out by the airport and the big shopping centers. That's a much longer drive for us. Maybe we'll have to start going to Paris again for things like Asian noodles and sauces. That used to be fun, but it's a long trip. There is also a smaller shop selling Asian and African products in Blois, but with a less extensive range of products.

Sun from the south, rain to the north
of La Renaudière

Some people I know complained (albeit mostly good-naturedly) about the cold and damp weather we had in the Loire Valley all last week (...ahem...). Well, things are getting worse. This morning, since dawn, the sky has gotten darker and darker. The temperature has fallen. Rain is moving in, and Météo Ciel says we should expect a good inch (25 mm) of precipitation between this morning and Wednesday morning. That's something to look forward to. The men's finals at the French Open tennis tournament will probably be rained out this afternoon.

The long and curving road through the Renaudière vineyard
on a June afternoon

So it turns out that June is going to be a wet and almost chilly month. We were very lucky last Wednesday to have a sunny afternoon for the cookout down in Preuilly-sur-Claise. Now it's time to find some indoor activities so that we won't get too bored. Cooking springs to mind. I'm going to make lasagne again today, like the lasagne I made last week for the party. This weather calls for hearty food.


  1. The weather report for the next few days looks dire! The max temp is under 20!!! I'm glad I planted peas - they will love a cool summer - but nothing else will.

  2. We've had rainy Junes before. Doesn't mean July, August, and September won't be nice. Where there's weather there's hope.

  3. There's always Soccer to watch.
    It's rainy in Austria as well.

  4. You are right we were so lucky last Wednesday, the weather looks foul for the next week :-( Diane

  5. Oh no ! just when we found the Paris Store you tell us it has closed !!!!!! Never mind perhaps there is something similar in Tours. Glad you liked Annick & Gerard's sons restaurant.
    Carol & Mikee

  6. Hi Carol, we did enjoy the restaurant in Bracieux, very much. We talked to Annick and Gérard's son and daughter-in-law after lunch, telling them about the dinner at your place.

    As for Paris Store, there is one in Tours-Nord. The one in Blois didn't make it, but we knew it was in trouble, because on recent visits the shelves were only half stocked. Too bad...

  7. Our June is like yours so far- chilly and rainy. I already have tomatoes though.

    Love your photos today. Carry on.

  8. Our June in Ohio is too sunny and too warm - more like July and August weather...And too dry for the farmers. I would probably prefer your weather....

    Enjoy your lasagna!

  9. "Where there's weather there's hope." Ken, you are a
    glass-half-full kind of person.

    Evelyn--tomatoes already? I must be living in the wrong place.

    Ken and Walt, Mortagne and Longny are going to be featured on a Petitrenaud program on France5 today, 6/10, and 6/17. If you catch this, let us know. I hope we can get them online somehow.

  10. Our June has been gorgeous so far, with very little humidity, which is such a blessing ... I can't emphasize that enough! Our tomatoes are coming along... there are several little cherry tomatoes popping out!

    Sorry to hear about Paris Store in Blois :(

  11. Carolyn, I've recorded Petitrenaud, as usual, but knowing today that the area featured is the Perche. I'm looking forward to watching it this evening.

    We got just under an inch of rain today, and it is now just 6:30 p.m. I checked the gauge when I went out with Callie.

  12. We didn't have any rain in Paris today, but it's been overcast. Also, it could be warmer! Is summer dead before it begins?

  13. We had nearly an inch (21.5 cm) of rain before 5 p.m. today! And just over the last hour, we've had another heavy downpour. Play has been suspended at Roland Garros. As for the temperature, well, all the windows are shut and the house, to my taste, is fairly warm.

    Moles are in the garden plot where Walt planted green beans. Damn!

  14. I kind of know how you feel about the Paris Store. There used to be a store in Paris named Springfield. It was always busy and near l'Opéra. One day we wanted to shop there and it was gone. But guess whatwe discovered while in a shopping center in Barcelona a few years later? Yep, a branch of Springfield.

  15. I think you mean 21,5 mm. About a half hour ago I looked at the window and it was raining. Where is Noah when we need him?

  16. Yes, 21.5 mm. Duh! Typo or worse. About an inch of rain. Luckily, we live up high, far above the river.


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