12 April 2012

Trip report

Date: 11 April 2012
Kilometers driven: 250 (150 miles)
Kilometers of four-lane highway: zero

An old farm compound near the village of Luzé

Rain showers driven through: 5
Times we felt like we were lost: 2

Walt taking a photo of a field of golden rapeseed flowers

Golden fields of flowers seen: too many to count
Photos taken: ditto

Jean, Nick, and Walt in front of the restaurant in Sazilly

Restaurants visited: 1
Courses eaten: 4
Hours spent at the table: 2

Une crevette en amuse-bouche — the shrimp course

Wineries visited: 3
Wineries offering tastings: 2

We tasted fewer wines than these Chinon grape-growers did.

Wines tasted: 9
Bottles of wine purchased: 2
Liters of wine purchased: 20

Bottles of Chinon at the Baudry-Dutour property in Cravant

Minutes we spent in the town of Chinon: zero


  1. I'd love to find some of those stands holding the shrimp!

  2. How about this - as I write, Sue and I are drinking a Petit Chablis and enjoying your post....but there is this empty Chinon bottle on my desk.
    I bought in our local on the way home from work along with a Pinot from Burgundy and two French stickies.

  3. Peter, I've never seen those anywhere else.

    Leon, what's a "French sticky"?

  4. A French sticky is a Pavillon de la Brie from Monbazillac and the other is Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, both something to be enjoyed chilled after dinner with a slice of Foie gras. Introduced to us by friends in Paris on a previous trip - brings back pleasant memories with each sip.

  5. I'm glad you waited for a sunny day for your trip. The first farm photo is a feast for our eyes!

  6. Ken, always enjoy your postings though I rarely comment. But, I have to add my husband and I ate at that lovely restaurant in Sazilly in 2006. A very perfect meal. Oh yes, we learned about the French stickies some years back on a visit to France. A must for Foie gras. sigh...Susan

  7. Sounds like a very busy but v good day. Love the propped up shrimp.

  8. Hi Susan, I didn't know about "stickies". They are vins doux (Beaumes de Venise, Vouvray)or vins liquoreux (Monbazillac, Sauternes), I guess.

    Leon, foie gras after dinner? Now that is decadent.

  9. Love that picture of the wine growers.
    Fun reading the listing of your activities for the day!

    Mary in Oregon

  10. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.


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