21 April 2012


That's this April. March was more April- or even summer-like. And now April is more March-like.

On most days right now, our sunset looks like this.

On a good day, it looks like this.

Either way, it's damp. That's France for you. And April 2012. But everything is greening up.


  1. It rained a lot here in the Charente and it still is raining today.

    We cannot believe how fast the foliage grew. A week or so ago, not much. Now, all colors on the side of the road, trees are green and the vines are happy too.

  2. I was told a couple of days ago that the long term forecast was for this weather to continue right through May. Goodness knows we need the rain, but we need the sun too!

  3. We've still had only 25 mm / 1 inch of precipitation in April so far. We need another 25 mm to make a normal month. It would be nice, however, if it were just a tad warmer outside.

  4. Ken, looking at meteociel for next week, it is going to be evening itself out for April with about another 35mm forecast midweek!

    And, Susan, we are getting the sun. It is coming inbetween the wet bits. It is the warmth we need for things to grow properly.

  5. It's 41°F here this morning in St. Louis, but I still decided to hang out on the deck with coffee, a few stretches, and my new school MacBook Pro laptop... I'm sure that I wouldn't have even considered it when it was February and 41 in the morning! It's just that the days of temps in the 70s 80s have got me convinced that it is now spring/summer-- and that means deck time! (Before the mosquitoes take over).

    Beautiful photos again today-- great color. I love the banner. It's fun that you change that up frequently:)

  6. French BLUE skies! I LOVE THOSE PHOTOS... Would you consider selling those? BEAUTIFUL.

    How many of you have Apple computers? I will be replacing my HP desktop shortly and I am seriously considering Apple. I really would appreciate your input.

    Merci Ken, again, for really making my day with your excellent photography.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Mary,
    Thanks to Ken, I have been a Macman for exactly twenty years. Twenty years of bliss, I must add. For more than fifteen years I've been traveling with my one and only Mac laptop. I recommend Apple very highly.

  8. Mary

    Apple : Got 2 including a MacBookAir - good for travels - since all I need is some files and Internet

  9. Thanks Mary, for your comment about the pictures.

    As CHM says, I was able to get him a Macintosh computer back in 1992, when I started work at Claris, the Apple software subsidiary at the time. He's had a Mac computers ever since. On my side, I've always stuck with PCs, for a variety of reasons.

    Judy, do you have a big mosquito problem in the St. Louis area? That surprises me. We're lucky here, I guess. (It's too cold for mosquitoes, even in summer!)

  10. Mary, I've never had a PC and love macs. I'm lucky that my dh knows how to keep our computers going.


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