23 February 2012

Roads and woods around Amboise

With its old château, shops along pedestrian streets, huge Sunday market, and river views, Amboise (pop. 12,500) is one of the most picturesque towns in the Loire Valley region east of Tours. By the same token, it's one of the busiest small towns around. Tour buses bring in big crowds, especially in summer.

The river road along the Loire from Amboise
leading to Tours is lined with tall trees, carefully pruned.

I like getting to Amboise as much as I like being there. These are some pictures of the roads around the town in wintertime.

Entering Amboise forest after a night of freezing fog

The road in from the south, coming from Saint-Aignan and passing through Montrichard, takes you through the old royal forest of Amboise.

Trees have been cut for firewood in this section.

The little forests around the Loire Valley and all over France are carefully maintained and closely managed. Trees are regularly and neatly thinned out and cut for firewood.

In winter, expect to see hunters in Amboise forest.

The forests are also managed to provide habitat for birds and wildlife. Hunting is — and for centuries has been — an important part of the culture of the Loire Valley.


  1. Beautiful shot of the frost-covered trees.

  2. Please...more photos of that

  3. I can't count the times we've driven down that road with the neaty trimmed trees, leading towards Tours. Ahhh, happy memories! Martine

  4. RYN: No, I don't get sick of living in A/C. After, sixty+ years, it doesn't seem so unnatural. Besides, we're lucky enough to not need it for six to seven months a year. Like right now, Our A/C hasn't been on in months. I can more easily adapt to A/C, than I can to the freezing temperatures of winter.

  5. That last shot with the sun distinguishing the trees on the right - I like it!

    Mary in Oregon

  6. the light -- oh, the light. Especially the forest of freezing fog and the last one, with the trees all red and gold. Lovely.
    And happy belated birthday to Callie. Five years? Tempus fugit.


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