21 February 2012

Ça caille...

...ce matin. Le froid est revenu. Selon le gadget que j'ai sur mon écran et qui me donne la température à Saint-Aignan, nous avons eu –8 ºC tout à l'heure. Je veux bien le croire.

Repeated freezings and thawings are slowly breaking down
the apples we dumped on one of the garden plots last fall.

I just came back from my walk with Callie. She saw or heard an animal — probably a little deer, un chevreuil — down in a wooded ravine that a stream runs through (when it's not dry, and it often is). She got her sing-songy, yelpy bark going, and she ran around like wild for 10 minutes.

The pond is frozen over again.
Minus 8ºC is about +18ºF.

I finally called her out of the woods, and she came to me. I never saw or heard whatever got her so excited. My camera battery had given out, and I was ready to come back home. It was just too cold out there to stay much longer, but it was beautiful — the sun shining brightly low on the horizon, and everything covered with hoarfrost.


  1. We're noticing the return of cold here, too. My dog can't figure out the frozen puddles.

  2. Brrrr.....

    Off topic, but since today is my birthday that means that you and Callie are also celebrating birthdays soon, n'est-ce pas?

    I'd rather be early than late so, Happy Birthday to you both!!

  3. Happy Birthday, BettyAnn. Yes, Callie tomorrow and me in a couple of weeks. Enjoy your day.

  4. Happy birthday to the birthday girl!!! Hope she'll have a nice run in the vineyard and a tasty treat afterwards to mark the occasion. How old is she now? Five? Martine

  5. Maybe you both will have a little warmer weather to celebrate your birthdays!

    Warmth is good!

    Mary in Oregon


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