06 February 2012

In cold storage

Yesterday's snow ended earlier than the weather forecasters said it would. We probably got four inches (10 cm) — not a big deal. The worst news is that the sub-freezing temperatures are supposed to last another week. We won't see much melting.

Looking out the back door downstairs

The pictures in this post are ones I took while it was still snowing yesterday. I went out for a walk with Callie during the hardest snowfall, and it was okay because we didn't stay out too long. Still, Callie was snow-covered by the time we got back home. Fortunately, she is obviously feeling a lot better. Her eyes are bright and she again has boundless energy.

Looking out the kitchen window...

This morning we are going to watch the Super Bowl in delayed broadcast and make a batch of Boston baked beans. Don't tell us who won! The beans with bacon, black treacle, and spices will fortify us against the cold weather. We are certainly paying now for the mild weather we had in November, December, and January.

...and again, with the curtain pulled back

I might try to get the car out and go to town tomorrow. Getting out our front gate when the ground is icy is not easy, and getting back up the hill if I make it down there in the first place is not obvious either. It will be interesting to see if the bread lady makes it up the hill tomorrow morning.

The pictures in this post are larger than the ones I usually post. Click on them with your mouse to see them at a larger size, and then click on them again if the mouse pointer becomes a little magnifying glass.


  1. I made cassoulet beans last night for eating today. It's definitely the season! We are going to try to make it to the supermarket today. We've run out of sugar and butter - both things Simon won't be able to survive without.

  2. Boston Baked Beans is my favourite recipe from Delia Smith's "Frugal Food". In the freezer there are three nice large pieces of poitrine du porc that have "belly pork for BBB" written on them. I will now go and get one out so that it can thaw in the fridge.
    Also, although we've a couple of tins left at the moment, where are you getting the black treacle from, please, Ken?

    Thought for the day.
    WV is "satless"... we are so we do!
    No Sat = No TV... you seem to sit less as a result.

  3. I think Jean brought the black treacle from Darbyshire. Black treacle is not a U.S. thing at all. It's a lot like our molasses though.

  4. I'm glad to hear the good news about Callie.

    It's so rare that you in the center of France have worse winter weather than we do. We have had some beautiful snowfalls here, just not the extreme cold. (Hope I'm not speaking too soon.)

  5. yummm, I do love a touch of molasses in my baked beans. Did you have Giant something or others to go with the Boston beans?

    What did you think of Madonna's performance? Apparently, one of the other performers onstage with her gave us "the finger"-- it's all over the news. Heavens. I've never been a big Madonna fan, but I thought it was a much more entertaining performance than, for example, the Stones a few years ago.

  6. stay warm, Ken! glad to hear you are doing ok in the cold - they've been reporting on it here on the news. give Callie some pets and happy to hear she is on the mend.
    ps here in ohio its 50* - sorry you have our winter!

  7. How lucky you got Callie in to see the Vet so soon. Just think if she had gotten sick during the snowy weather. Now, she is healthy again and you haven't had to worry about her during mostly inside time.

    I enjoyed the Madonna performance - didn't notice any finger-pointing of any kind...

    Mary in Oregon

    Mary in Oregon

  8. I hope the bread lady makes it! Thinking of you and glad you're staying in for the most part. It really is pretty.

  9. Hi Ginny, we are waiting to see but other cars have been coming up the road so I assume the bread lady's vehicle will make to too.

    Judy, I didn't really watch the half-time show during the Super Bowl.

    Hi OFG, yes, we are having a Midwestern winter, minus the wind. I've enjoyed it and feel better than I did when the weather was damp and mild, but I'm about ready for it to end now.

    Mary, yes, it's a relief that Callie is so much better. This morning, however, she didn't want to go out for a walk. After a short distance, she started limping. She stood and looked at me forlornly, holding one front paw up in the air. There was a chunk of snow or ice stuck in between the pads. I got it out and we returned home.


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