13 February 2012

Days of milk lemon and honey

You know it's been bad when they're saying the weather is improving and you can expect snow, freezing rain, and then cold wet rain over the next 48 hours. Temperatures will vary from 30 to 40 degrees F over the next few days. Whoopee! Things are looking up.

Still, that means at least two more days of being shut-ins. It's supposed to snow in Paris. It's been snowing in Corsica for days, and Provence and the Marseille area have had more snow than we've had in the Loire Valley, if I can believe the news reports. Now we'll get some more snow, and the roads will be even more treacherous for a while.

Lemon-honey chicken wings with rosemary,
ginger, and hot red pepper

On the food front, I was really glad to find a package of chicken wings at the local SuperU store on Friday. It had been weeks since they'd had any wings in the butcher section with the packs of drumsticks and thighs. Maybe people are just buying them all before I can get to the store. I don't know. I had almost given up hope of ever finding any again.

Wings, golden brown and caramelized

We were busy in the kitchen yesterday morning. I put together a marinade of honey, rosemary, lemon juice, ginger, and crushed red pepper for the wings. Walt grated up the half a celery root we had left over, and I made some mayonnaise so that we could turn the root into céleri rémoulade (mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, and cream are the sauce). Then Walt made a batch of zucchini & goat cheese mini-muffins and I popped the wings into a not oven.

Life is good. Walt just got up, came downstairs, and reported that it is snowing. The skylights upstairs are frosted over.


  1. I just can't wait til the end of the snow - lovely as it has been. I'd just like the days of endlessly trying to keep up with the fire to be over! Your chicken wings look lovely and yet again have provided inspiration for our dinner tonight!

  2. No sign of snow here yet. You've reminded me I don't have any chicken wings on hand and haven't seen any at the supermarket for a while. Is this the time of year they slaughter the wingless chickens?

  3. Ha ha ha, Susan. I don't know where the wings went. Flew south, maybe.

    Justine, I agree with you about the snow and ice. And Walt, who builds the fire, agrees with you about that.

    It's definitely snowing here this morning, but very lightly so far.

  4. No snow here yet either... but, like you, it is positively tropical at -1C. What we have got is fog... presumably freezing!
    I like the courgette and chevre muffins idea... we are having a bake-in Monday here... banana date cake is first... but we've some chevre to finish and some potimarron can substitute for the courgette I think.... yumm!!

    WV is "lerst"... lerst we forget Spring is on the way... the daylight is lasting longer!

  5. Tim, the snow didn't continue. What we had might have been a little blast of river-effect snow as the wind shifted to the northwest. Now it's just foggy.

  6. oooh, I can smell the flavors of those wings... yumm! And the goat cheese mini muffins sound fab!


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