01 February 2011

February starts out gray

Just as January ended gray. January was a dry month, though, with less than 25% of the rainfall we got in December. And the beginning of January was mild. The end turned out pretty cold. So I guess the average was okay.

Yesterday morning's icy walk

We have a high pressure system over us right now, but all high pressure does in the wintertime here in France is hold a layer of low gray cloud and haze close to the ground. La grisaille est plaquée au sol. It's like some kind of inversion. The sun just barely shines through at different points during the day, but it's basically gloomy 90% of the time.

The sunset looks like some kind of radioactive cloud.

This too shall pass. The days are longer now. Sundown is around 6:00 p.m., so there's a little more daylight. Still, it doesn't get light in the morning until about 8:30. And even then, it's a dim light.

Callie enjoys her walks, gray or shine.

This is the price we pay for the good months of warmth, long days, and short nights, and for all the good things we enjoy about life in France. We just have to keep reminding ourselves why we decided to come live in the Loire Valley. No regrets. But with each passing winter.... well, each winter seems longer.

Scenes like these will be a vague memory in a few months,
after the weather turns warm and the landscape turns green.


  1. Ken,
    Great to meet you and Walt at last.
    The sunset picture makes the telegraph pole look like it is "flaring off", as in an oil refinery... must be too many phonecalls!

  2. Ken, Has Callie lost some weight? She loooks so thin in that second photo!

    PS. Vivement le printemps!

  3. Tim, yes, great to meet you too. I had the same thought about the "flare".

    Martine, yes, we put Callie on a diet about 6 months ago and she has lost weight. Vet's advice...


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