07 August 2008


It was the hottest day of the year so far,
and probably the hottest day in two or three years.

Out under the parasol in the back garden
the temperature hit 35ºC, which is 95ºF. A sizzler.

The day before was warm and nice, but not hot like that.
We had dinner out on the patio at our neighbors' house
across the street.

Then we sat out on the front terrace and watched the stars
and planets appear, the satellites fly by, and the bats
swoop around as the sun set and darkness descended.

P.S. We had the mayor of our village and her husband over for apéritifs last night. I don't know if Walt is going to post
about that evening or if I am.


  1. What! That's nuts! crazy temps... crazy... Hope it's better today!


  2. Judy, it was hot but not humid. Still, it was too hot out in the sun for us to sit out there with our guests, so we had to retreat to the shaded "front porch". Otherwise, the weather was pleasant and it's nice to have some days when we can enjoy sitting outside until 11:00 p.m. or later.


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