01 August 2008

The snail called a petit-gris

It's also called a luma. I was looking back at some topics that I'd left in draft mode many moons ago and found these pictures of petits-gris, aka escargots. Not long ago I posted a topic about our village's annual snail festival, which is dedicated to these creatures.

This is a snail I found in our garden in August 2007, which was a very rainy summer here in Saint-Aignan and the whole northern half of France. It was great weather for snails. This summer of 2008 has turned out to be much warmer and drier. We and our garden thank the weather gods for that.

As I said in an earlier posting, it is pretty easy to take pictures of snails. They don't fly away, and they don't even run that fast. The photographer has plenty of time to adjust the camera and get the focus right.

You might notice that I'm having a lazy blogging day. That's because I'm in the middle of organizing and "de-duping" a bunch of recipes that I have collected from web sites, newspapers, and other miscellaneous sources. Some of them are on my computer in several different file formats, and others existed in identical form on two different computers. It's time to put some order into all that.

We've been doing a lot of cooking on the new stove, which has not been a disappointment. But I haven't been taking many pictures. We've been doing a lot of Thai-style stir-fry and curry dishes, using a lot of lime juice and coconut milk, with chicken and even beef. It's great to have hot gas burners for quick sauteing. Back to the recipes...


  1. Do you ever eat your snails?

  2. Hi Loulou, no, I've never cooked snails -- not ours, not others. I should. I know you have to collect the snails and purge them by feeding them good food for a few days before you eat them. Otherwise you can poison yourself, since snails eat plants that are toxic to people.


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