23 August 2008

Be careful what you ask for

I asked for rain a day or two ago. And then yesterday it rained a flood*. It came down hard several times during the day.

Rain on August 22, 2008

Can you see it in this picture? We haven't had many opportunities to use the outdoor furniture in August. The good news is that the grass is greening up again. And the far corner and the vegetable garden won't have to be watered for a few days.

Yesterday was Callie's half-birthday — a year and a half old already.

* I think "to rain a flood" might be a coastal North Carolina expression.
It just means we had a lot of rain yesterday.
It has nothing to do with actual flooding.


  1. It's so dry here, we have water rationing, and are watching the progress of that weird hurricane in Florida - there's a slight chance that we'll get a little rain from the fringes of it.

    I'll be heading to coastal Carolina next weekend to visit my parents in Hampstead. There's always a visit to Topsail involved!

  2. Quinn, some of my favorite cousins live in Hampstead. Hope you have good time there.

  3. It rains a flood.
    Il pleut à verse, ou à torrents.

    Fun expressions!

  4. Coming to mind:

    Il pleut à boire debout. Il pleut à seaux. Il pleut des cordes.
    It's raining buckets. It's raining cats and dogs.

    Well...Demandez et vous recevrez. ;-)
    There must be a fun song about too much rain?

  5. Claudia, one expression I've learned in France that describes a real downpour of rain is il pleut comme vache qui pisse ! Not elegant, but very descriptive. We would call such rain a frog-strangler or a gully-washer.

  6. Thanks Claudia and Ken - I love these descriptive phrases - they'll be going into my database of useful expressions :-)

  7. On peut dire aussi d'une pluie extrêmement forte et drue qu'il pleut des hallebardes. Better not to stay outside if you want to stay alive!


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