16 August 2008

Flowers, but no ripe tomatoes

Yesterday morning, after an overnight thunderstorm, the weather was chilly and there was a layer of fog lying over the Cher River. Our hamlet is up above the river itself by a couple of hundred feet, on the south bank.

Some flowers are pretty happy with this summer's weather. These are volunteer black-eyed susans and nasturtiums by the faux well outside our back door. Chrissoup gave us the black-eyed susan seeds a few years ago.

This is the faux well. It's kind of kitchy, I think, but the stone looks nice enough. I'm sure it was never a real well. It's just a lawn ornament. We've planted mint, parsley, and bellflowers in it.

As I've said, the tomatoes are not ripening. These are some Romas we planted fairly early.

I can't remember what these tomatoes were called when we bought the plants at the outdoor market in Amboise back at the end of May. Whatever they are, they are still green too.

Some of the other tomato plants don't even have fruit yet, though nearly all of them now have blossoms.

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  1. Samething, 30 mile from Winnipeg, Man. My daughter-in-law is so disappointed. It's always cold, snowy winters in that area. But last winter was worse. They were late to plant. The garden is doing poorly except for eggplant, green bean and lettuce.

    Flowers are nice.


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