11 July 2008

I spoke (or blogged) too soon

No new stove. It was D.O.A. — Damaged On Arrival. The delivery guys had to take it back and order a new one. We will get it next Thursday. Darty delivers in the Saint-Aignan area on only one or two days a week.

And yes, to Anonymous, about the scratched arms and thorn-pricked hands. Our vaccinations are up to date.

Callie on a walk in the woods one day this past week

I'm putting a new hard disk in my desktop computer these days so blogging is more difficult. I'll be back soon... maybe tomorrow.


  1. Sorry for the new range. Hope you're not going to starve for the next eight days. Guess you re-plugged the old one.

  2. I hope your computer project won't be difficult. Your fan club likes your regular postings;-)

    Sorry about the stove's delay...

  3. CHM, yes, we just plugged the old cookstove back in. It works fine, actually, so we can just be patient about getting the new model.

    Evelyn, I have the new hard disk all installed, a new system on it, and all my data transferred over from the old to the new disk. I have now exceeded the terabyte barrier. I have a disk that is 750 GB and another that is 320 GB. I still have a lot of fiddling to do to get all my old settings back and install some applications I need, but the main thing is the network, e-mail, and blogger are working fine.

    It's a rainy day here in Saint-Aignan. Hope you are having some rain in Alabama. K.


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