28 July 2008

Hot weather

Can you tell how hot it was over the weekend by looking at the picture below? The red-hot sun was going down behind the trees that close in our back yard.

Sunset in the back yard, 26 August 2008

Over the hedge in the other direction, I could see the roof of one of the neighbors' houses as the sun went down.

The rooftops of La Renaudière near Saint-Aignan

I walked out to the back gate to get a better view of the sunset. It was about 9:00 p.m. Saturday night.

Another nice sunset, summer 2008

Weather any hotter that we're having right now would get downright uncomfortable. The temperature hit 28.2ºC late yesterday afternoon — almost 83ºF. If that doesn't seem hot to you, you must live in a place with a very hot climate. It's supposed to hit 30º or even 31ºC — 86ºF — today here and in Paris, before some thunderstorms roll through tonight.

Callie has learned to wait patiently
while I take pictures on our daily walks.

On my walk with the dog — a sweltering, sweaty walk — I stayed in the shade as much as possible. I took my usual pictures of flowers I noticed growing by the side of the path.

I'd like to know what these are. They grow all around the
vineyard. They are tiny, no more than a ½-inch across.

Today, I think, Walt is publishing pictures he took in the vegetable garden over the weekend. But I'll post the one below anyway.

Tomates, aubergines, poivrons, courgettes,
basilic, thym, et haricots verts

If the weather doesn't turn on us, it should be a good garden year. We got off to a late start, so we need a long growing season if we are to have good crops. Cross your fingers.


  1. Considering the size of the bee, the flower is a thistle and not an artichoke!

  2. Oh, that flower is in a neighbor's garden. It's not wild, and it's not an artichoke. I don't think it's a thistle either. I don't know what kind of flower it is.

    What about the little pink flowers?

  3. Wow that is blistering hot...here in Oxfordshire today it is meant to be 28C...we thought we were going to get thunderstorms last night..I do know that they had some in Les Gets..

  4. Hot here in London too - 30C yesterday and today - my office in the City is like a sauna - yuk - I wish I could spend these nice warm days in France looking at nature, then coming home to my nice cool stone house.
    The bee is a White Tailed Bumblebee. Bumblebee in French is 'le bourdon'. The flower it visits is a Globe Thistle.
    The little pink guys are Centaury.

  5. uggh... I'm one who lives in a very hot climate... the worst part, of course, is the ever constant humidity. This morning, it's already 90% humidity, and it's headed for 35°C... all week, it will be around 33 or 34. We have to live with constant air conditioning everywhere-- which I'm so used to, that I can't tolerate the heat and humidity. Yuck. Sometimes in the summer here, it's still 28 or 29°C through the night. They had originally forecast 38°C for Tuesday (!!), but we had huge storms yesterday, so it'll be lower. Sometimes in the summer, it's lower and more tolerable, though.

    Your yard is so lovely, Ken!

  6. The garden looks nice and promising. As per your request, I'm crossing my fingers for continuing good weather.

    Hot and humid in Toronto. I don't dare say one word against it. Afraid the sky will get mad and send me a February blizzard instead of a soothing July rain. I complained so much last winter...


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