04 June 2022

Paris after dark - 21

Le dôme de l'Institut de France et la Tour Eiffel... They look like they are very close together, but actually they are two miles (3 km) apart; both are on the left bank of the Seine river. The Institut is where the Académie Française meets on Thursdays to work on its dictionary of the French language. There are four other académies that meet on other days of the week and are dedicated to les sciences; les beaux-arts; les sciences morales et politiques; and les belles-lettres.


  1. What a beautiful scene!

  2. I see a few colored lights near the top of the tower that I haven't noticed before.

  3. I am really enjoying this series of individual photos of Paris after dark.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I'm moving on to another theme now, after three weeks of Paris after dark photos.


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