09 June 2022

Daylight in Paris - 5

A restaurant that specializes in snails — how French is that? It's on the rue Montorgueil on the right bank, and it's been there for nearly 200 years. Here's a link to the menu, which features a lot more than just escargots. A sampler of 36 escargots cooked five different ways will cost you 80 euros. This is another restaurant that's on my next-time-I'm-in-Paris list.


  1. "Petits Festins A Toute Heure": what more do you wish?

  2. Gosh, we are already 200 years past the early 1800's now. Sometimes it feels like we are living in future, but then there's some rotten past history that creeps in to haunt us. I hope you get to Paris this year.

  3. What a great looking place! I hope you get to Paris this year, too.
    By the way, for me, the link to the menu just pops me back to your blog (but, no problem, because the main link works to take us to the restaurant's page).

    1. It's strange, that link to the menu works fine on my laptop, but I just tried it on my tablet and it behaves as you say. I don't know why.

    2. When I go to the restaurant's web site and try to open the menu page, it won't open. The web site is flaky.


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