14 June 2022

Daylight in Paris - 10

The oldest pâtisserie (bakery specializing in sweets) in Paris is the pâtisserie Stohrer on the rue Montorgueil, just on the north side of the les Halles neighborhood in the center of the city. It was founded by a baker named Nicolas Stohrer in 1730. He was the favorite baker of the queen of France back then, during the reign of king Louis XV. Stohrer is said to have invented the pastry called the baba au rhum.

I took this photo of the window display at Stohrer in March 2006. Bon appétit !


  1. The wondrous bakeries in France

  2. Oh my! And... as always... I'm so pleased to see the longevity of so many historic places.
    Back to the Cour de Cassation: is that an appeals court? The word cassation is new to me. I looked it up on WordReference, and that's the idea I get from that... or is it just the court where the final punishment is pronounced?

    1. I'm not sure I understand the term cassation very well. Look at this Wikipedia article about courts of cassation in various countries.

  3. This is an excellent bakery and always crowded.

  4. Founded 1730. Astounding. I can’t stop looking at the second photo. Time to walk away from the screen.


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