20 June 2022

Much ado about everything

I really like these mornings when you wake up to a warm, still house, with a good amount of humidity in the air, and then you open all the windows and doors to let cool morning air in. When I got up at five, I asked Walt if any rain had fallen overnight. He answered, you didn't hear that storm? It lasted two or three hours. Was there loud thunder and close lightning? Yes. Well, I slept right through it. I didn't hear a thing. I think I was really exhausted after not being able the sleep in my own bed since last Monday night.

An early morning view from the front deck

The 18-hour over-nighter in the ER at Romo was not exactly restful. Then I spent a few nights sleeping on our guest bed, just wrapped in a sheet. It's not an uncomfortable bed, but it's not the one I'm used to. And the heat! I'm not somebody who enjoys hot weather. And I'm not much bothered by cold weather. We keep the house at 18.5ºC (about 65ºF) during heating season and I find that comfortable. It's a lot hotter than that in here now, even with all the windows and doors open. So last night I really crashed. I'm happy to have done so.


  1. Happy for you getting sleep. I finally had a night that i had good sleep too. It's hard to get back to a routine after a hospital stay.

    1. I'm glad to hear that you got some good sleep too.

  2. It's true, and especially when it's so unusually hot.

  3. Love this view from your porch. Glad you are sleeping well. 73 is my perfect sleeping temperature.

  4. A good nights sleep makes a world of difference

  5. Hooray for good sleep! Beautiful view from your terrace.

  6. Lucky for you to maybe get a start on a catch-up of sleep!

  7. This is a beautiful view :) I am on vacation in Arkansas at the moment, and it is really hot… but, actually the same as inn St Louis. Glad you’ve gotten some cooler air, and good sleep.

  8. A hospital is no place to get decent sleep. My mother liked to tell the story about the time they woke her up at 3 a.m. to give her a sleeping pill. She accepted the pill, threw it away, and went back to sleep. Glad you got some good, solid snooze time.


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