03 June 2022

Paris after dark - 20

This is a restaurant where I have enjoyed a few meals, but long ago. I need to go back. Restaurants can change radically over the years and decades, depending on who owns them and who is doing the cooking at any given time. One of the events I remember enjoying at Les Noces de Jeannette, which is near Opéra and les Grands Boulevards, was a group dinner with 12 or 15 American students back in 1982. We had a lot of fun. I just read on the restaurant's web site that a new chef took over in 1987 and has been cooking there ever since. He bills his cuisine as française, traditionnelle, et sans prétention.

Here's a link to the restaurant's web pages, where there are menus and a lot of other information, including the history of establishment, in both French and English.


  1. I haven’t checked out the link yet but I like the way the chef describes his cuisine. He’s been there a long time, the customers must like his cooking.

  2. Oh, yes! I remember you or Walt mentioning that big dinner (maybe in that Alma group I made on FB), and this restaurant. I wish I had been there to attend, but I didn't, because I left a few weeks early. I'm off to check out the website :)


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