13 June 2022

Daylight in Paris - 9

Today I was going to post just this picture. It shows the brasserie le Mistral, which is on the right bank
across the river from the palais du Roi on the île de la Cité in Paris.

Then I noticed the photo below on the web site of the brasserie le Mistral.

The photo above reminded me of my photo of the same scene (below),
taken from a slightly different angle, that I posted last week.

So the big white blob you see in the brasserie's photo (in the middle of the image) and in my photo (on the right side)
turns out to be the floodlit fronton or "pediment" of the building where the French Cour de Cassation sits
(daytime photo below). It's not the moon and it's not the dome of the Institut...


  1. Excellent sleuthing! Kiwi

  2. I wondered about that! Mystery solved.

    1. You were the first to notice and ask about that "moon."

  3. OK, that's a pretty remarkable conclusion to this mystery! Way to go.


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