06 June 2022

Daylight in Paris - 2

La cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris on a sunny November 1 in 2015. I was in Paris by myself for about 24 hours and took a lot of pictures in the afternoon as well as many of the nighttime pictures I've posted over the past three weeks.

There were hail storms in Touraine over the weekend, but thankfully not here in Saint-Aignan. Hailstones the size of walnuts or ping-pong balls fell just west of Tours — most notably in the town of Ballan-Miré (pop. 8,000) — causing serious damage to green houses, crops, orchards, vineyards, and automobiles. The band of storms moved northeastward up to Blois and Chambord. At Chambord 30,000 (yes, 30K) boy scouts were camping in the parc du château and had to take shelter inside the château itself. Farther north, there were flash floods in Rouen (Normandy). We were lucky, I guess, to be spared that misery. We got a little bit of rain yesterday but not nearly enough to do us much good.


  1. Sounds like disturbing weather, but a great adventure for those Boy Scouts! They'll never forget spending the night inside the Chateau de Chambord. Kiwi

  2. Nice fall photo of Our Lady. I can't imagine so many boy scouts!

  3. 30,000!?! That's crazy!
    Yes, as Evelyn said, very nice to see this photo of ND Paris.
    I had heard about big rains in Tours and, hoped that it would help your soil, but wondered if you'd get enough... glad you didn't get the bad parts of the storm, but sure wish you'd get some helpful rain!


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