23 September 2021

Le centre de la France

The Abbaye de Noirlac is located on the territory of the little town of Bruère-Allichamps (pop. 567).

Somewhere north of the abbey there's an overlook where you get views like this one.

The river that flows through the town is the Cher, and Saint-Aignan is about 85 miles downriver.

Bruère-Allichamps has one more claim to fame: it was designated in the 1850s by a geographer as the centre géométrique de la France.

If you take a map of France and draw a rectangle around it so that the whole of the country is within it (not counting Corsica), and then draw straight diagonal lines from the upper left corner to the lower right and from the upper right corner to the lower left, the point where those lines cross is within the boundaries of Bruère-Allichamps. I know, because I've done it on my computer in Photoshop.

CHM took this photo of me taking one of the photos above when we went to Bruère-Allichamps in 2009.


  1. Enjoyed seeing chm's photo of you, was able to enlarge. It sure is green in these beautiful hillside pics, in contrast to CA right now.

    1. These photos were taken in mid-June 2009.

    2. David, this is one of those trips I enjoyed with Ken. I had known about Noirlac for a while and was glad to see it in person. Hope the wild fires will stop.

  2. Replies
    1. Me, too! That table is stronger than it looks!


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