24 September 2021

L'abbaye de Noirlac : le cloître

Here's one more slideshow and one last post about the Abbaye de Noirlac, near Bourges.
The heart of the abbey is its cloister, which is surrounded by its church,
the monks' quarters, the refectory, and abbey's lay brothers' quarters.

I grabbed the aerial view of the abbey below off Google Maps.
You can read more about the history of Noirlac here.


  1. As usual, excellent slideshow. The linked article, in French, is very interesting.

    1. I also found this publication about Noirlac on the culture.gouv.fr web site. On the page I'm linking to, there's a link to a PDF file of the whole booklet. I haven't read it all yet but it's got great photos...

    2. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place. Thank you.

    3. This publication is very interesting. I downloaded the PDF. Just like you, I didn’t read it all yet, but I intend to do it as soon as I can find out where the downloaded PDF is!

    4. Doesn't you iPad have a Downloads folder on it? The PDG should be in there.

  2. The arial view is interesting.


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