25 August 2021

Walks in the vineyard with the dog

Tasha and I take a walk out in the Renaudière vineyard every day. Walt and Tasha do the same.
That means Tasha gets two walks a day, and her two humans each get one walk.
Here's some of what we're seeing out there these days.




Photo #5 shows how overgrown everything is around the vineyard and up and down the rows. In past years, all the grass has been mowed several times during the season. The fact is that the grass out there has been mowed once or twice this summer, but nobody can keep up with Mother Nature when the weather has been so rainy for so long. Actually, we're having a dry spell right now. I hope some mowing will be done soon. Oh, and reports are that the grape harvest will be much smaller this year than last because of the wet, cool weather we've had.

This is a rose in our back yard. I think it's the only rose blooming out there right now.


  1. Tasha is beautiful, living the good life. I have one climbing rose bush that looks good for the first blooming and then is covered with black spot and doesn't bloom again. We had a wet year, too plus covid has a hold on the unvaccinated here in Alabama. I'm being careful again and waiting for the booster shot coming in the fall.

  2. Such a nice walk to look forward to every day. Lucky Tasha and lucky you.
    (Those weeds!!!! And they're all gone to seed--even worse.)

  3. So 2021 won't be a good year for wines; they say dry years are the best! That single pink rose is beautiful.

    Evelyn, here in CA I think the pharmacies are doing "if you want it we'll give it" with the booster. People aren't being scrutinized from what I hear. Often they have leftover doses as I found when I got my second shot. Maybe this is true in your neck of the woods.

  4. It will be December when I will get the booster. One of my french classes has chosen this summer to get together and share a lunch - potluck - with our class. Once before I arrived with my mask on - we had had a surge in our area. Others immediately got theirs out. Now the surge has returned and I have decided to wear my mask again on Friday. One of our group also just made a quick round-trip to visit Yellowstone Park and in todays NYT paper, that is a hotspot. I just don't feel a mask is a big deal so for those two reasons I will be wearing one (except during lunch - of course!). Yes, a nice walk (or 2!) in the vineyard each day is great for all three of you. The big deal around here is how difficult it is to find appliances or parts for appliances. I, personally am not affected but I know of 2 friends that have been waiting for over 4 months.


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