29 August 2021

Le Château de Bellegarde, à Bellegarde (Loiret)

When we first came to live here in 2003, we used to get in the car and drive to Paris at the drop of a hat. To go to an Asian supermarket, for example, or to go see a movie or a concert. We never took the autoroute because we didn't want to pay the tolls. We had no real income, only savings. So we drove the back roads. One place we discovered on those little roads was the Château de Bellegarde, which is in the town of Bellegarde, about two hours from Saint-Aignan and 40 minutes east of Orléans. It made a good rest stop for us. There's been a château here since the 14th century.




  1. Did you take these excellent photos when we went there with my friends Pierre et Marthe?

  2. No. We were there with Pierre et Marthe on July 15, 2006. These are photos I took at Bellegarde on June 27, 2004. That was probably the first time I was ever there.

  3. Wow, that's sure different from what we are used to seeing!

  4. Its very vertical and narrow, but still I find it to be quite attractive. A fortress turned chateau?

  5. One of those turrets must contain an amazing circular staircase--four floors plus an attic. Maybe a sous-sol as well.


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