18 April 2021

Le spectacle équestre touche à sa fin

This is the end of the series about the Haras du Pin in Normandy and its spectacle équestre.

As winter set in last November, Walt and I found ourselves hoping for some below-freezing weather in late 2020 and early 2021. The previous two winters had been weirdly mild and wet. However, we never thought we would have some of our coldest winter weather in April. That's what has happened. For two weeks now we've had morning low temperatures at or below freezing. The cold wave started just as all the grapevines and fruit trees were putting out new growth and blossoms. Reports now are that are about a third of the fruit harvest across France has been lost to the cold. The grape growers must have known that the cold snap was going to last for a while. Here in the Saint-Aignan area (AOC/AOP Touraine-Chenonceaux) we have seen no effort to protect the vines by setting out smudgepots (bougies anti-gel) or burning bales of straw, as we've seen around the vineyards in past years.


  1. As I said before, these horses are very beautiful and very elegant. Thank you for those very good slideshows and overall photos. It was a pleasure to remember our short visit at the Haras du Pin. Very entertaing in the best way!

    1. ...entertaining, of course, Sorry. I had problems posting that comment! What's new?

  2. Oh, no, that's terrible news about the fruit trees this year.

  3. As chm says, the horses are elegant. The white ones look almost like marble. A nice way to enjoy the chateau and its grounds through the show.

  4. Your pictures are very good. Horse noses are so soft, like velvet.


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