09 April 2021

Horses at the Haras national du Pin

Un haras is what a stud farm is called in French. The dictionary says it's an Établissement où l'on sélectionne et élève
des étalons et des juments pour la reproduction et l'amélioration de la race chevaline.

Un étalon is a stallion and une jument is a mare.

I was in the middle of planning some posts about other châteaux in the Loire Valley as a follow-on after my Valençay series, but since the subject became horses, I was reminded of another trip we took in 2011, up to southern Normandy.

It's was Marie's idea to go to the Haras du Pin while we were up there. She's the woman from Normandy who wore
the flowery pink dress that blended right in with a mass of flowers growing in the gardens at Valençay

At first I wasn't convinced I wanted to go to the haras, but I was so glad I did when we got there. Evelyn and her husband were with us too. Actually, it was Marie who introduced me to Evelyn and her husband in 2003, when we first came to live
in Saint-Aignan.

It was a hot, thundery day in August. On Thursdays back then they had a horse show at the haras on Thursdays — maybe they still do — and we happened to be looking for something to do on a Thursday afternooon.

The national stud farm at Le Pin was founded in 1665 and the château was built in the early 1700s.
A thundershower threatened to wash out the show that Thursday afternoon, but finally only a few fat raindrops fell.
It was all very summery and atmospheric.


  1. We too, you and me, stopped at Haras du Pin when we went from Rouen to Mareuil, and visited so many things on the way. These photos are excellent.

    1. Yes, I remember that we drove through there, but I'm not sure I remember stopping that day. I'll look and see if I have any photos.

    2. I can't find any photos taken at the Haras in June 2001.

    3. I know I took pictures there but I'm not able to check and probably never will.

    4. I checked to see if I had copies of your photos from that day, but I didn't find any.

  2. I don't know that I've ever seen a horse up so close :)

  3. Love seeing two white horses appear on your blog first thing this morning! And there is a guy riding on top! I was afraid the event would be hokey, but it was a true spectacle in every way.

  4. What an interesting day! I love the first photo most of all.

  5. The close-up of the two horses is great. They are majestic animals.

  6. That must have been a splendid day. Love the horse photos.

  7. You are a really good photographer, Ken! I also really enjoyed the close-ups of the horses and most of the others above had also noted. I had read about that chateau previously, and, now I will go back and reread it.
    Each day I learn something new, and, thanks Ken, for the "bits" in french!!

  8. That has been near the top of my bucket list for quite some time now. Lovely pictures.

  9. Now this is on my list, as well. Wonderful photos as are all of yours, of course.


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