17 April 2021

Horse show portraits

Here are six close-up portrait-style photos that I took during the spectacle équestre at the Haras du Pin 10 years ago.
Tomorrow I'll post one more slideshow before moving on.

A face in the crowd...

It's amazing to me how sharp and clear these images are. The camera I took them with is a Panasonic Lumix ZS1,
which was sold outside North America as the Lumix TZ6. I bought it from Amazon USA in January 2010 for just $212.
I've charged up its battery, put in an SD card, and starting using it again, especially in the kitchen.


  1. The first portrait is my favorite. I have been very happy with my Lumix TZ3 and with the quality of the photos it took. I am also happy with my iPad camera. Do you see an improvement with the Sony?

    1. The Sony has an advantage because it has a wider maximum aperture (f1.8) compared to f3.3 for the Lumix I was using for these photos. That means the Sony takes much better pictures in low-light situations — inside a church, for example. Also, the Sony has a 20-megapixel sensor, where the two Lumix cameras that I still have — the ZS1 (bought in 2010) and the ZS8 (bought in 2012) — have 10- and 14-megapixel sensors respectively. I don't know what the TZ3 lens specs were. The larger Sony pictures can be cropped more tightly and still give good results. It's almost like having a longer zoom. The Sony zoom is much shorter than the zoom on the two Lumix cameras. I hope that all makes sense. I'm just learning as I go.

    2. Yes, it makes sense?

  2. Beautiful. Too bad there won’t be any horses in Prince Phillip’s funeral today.


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