14 July 2020

A better light in Saint-Chamant

Here's a slideshow of photos of and from the Château de Saint-Chamant when we spent a few days in the village a decade ago. They show it is a more flattering light than did the photo I posted yesterday. By the way, my reading has confirmed that the tall, rectangular tower on the front of the château houses the château's main staircase.

The banner photo is an aerial view I grabbed off an Auvergne tourist site (link). My thanks for this non-commercial use of the image.


  1. Still not sold on the chateau, but the countryside is magnificent - that view down the valley.... and so green. We miss Green.

    1. I want to see the tapestries inside the château, but that would mean going down there in July or August, with all the other tourists.

  2. Am I right in thinking that the roofed rectangular center of the building is an original keep/dungeon that has, over the years been added to?

  3. Your slideshow definitely left me wanting more! Beautiful countryside and, in this light, a much more inviting chateau.

  4. Very nice slideshow of this very interesting chateau.

  5. BA and CHM, a return trip to the Cantal (as well as the Aveyron to the south) is on the bucket list. I really would like to see the Aubusson and Flemish tapestries inside this château.

  6. I remember that beautiful view!


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