20 February 2020

Une omelette aux épinards

You know, I've been doing this blog for nearly 15 years. Before I started using blogger, I did two other little websites where I posted photos. There's bound to be some repetition when a enterprise like this one goes on for so long. Of course, I remember very well a lot of the posts I've done over the years, but most readers of a blog like this one don't have total recall. I posted a recipe for a spinach and mushroom omelet, with photos, about 10 weeks ago.

So here's a post about making une omelette. It's one of my favorites, an omelet with spinach and cheese. For this one, I cooked the spinach with some chopped onion and just a little bit of cream and then folded into the omelet. Here's another post I did about a French take on making a truly delicious omelet about 10 years ago.

Eggs and spinach are a match made in... well, some famous chef's famous kitchen. Or just in a home kitchen, to please friends and family. One of my favorite egg and spinach concoctions is creamed spinach served with warm boiled or poached eggs (œufs pochés) — hard-boiled (œufs durs) or soft-boiled (œufs mollets) eggs. Another is Jacques Pépin's mother's simple soufflé made with sauce béchamel, cheese, and spinach, which I posted about in December 2011. We ate yesterday's omelet with some left-over gratin dauphinois — scalloped potatoes with milk and cheese.

Yesterday's spinach omelet featured a good amount> of spinach and not too much egg (even though I used six smallish eggs). After the spinach was cooked, with a diced onion, I added a little bit of cream. Then, separately, I beat the eggs and poured them into a hot frying pan coated with melted butter. When they started to cook on the bottom but where still runny on top, I sprinkled on some grated "Swiss" cheese (Abondance in this case) and put the cooked spinach on the half of the omelet farthest from handle of the pan. I was using a non-stick pan so it was easy to slide the omelet out onto a platter, folding the half closest to the handle of the pan over the top of the spinach filling as it slid onto the platter.


  1. I always enjoy your cooking posts, and omelets are a favorite thing to make - delicious, healthy, inexpensive, good for my vegetarian son, and open to all sorts of creativity. (The latest research seems to debunk the idea that eggs are in any way bad for one, or even the link between cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. But who knows.)

    1. Walt and I ate almost no eggs for a long time back in the '90s. I missed them. Now the prevailing opinion seems to be that eggs are good for us. So much the better. We just finished the leftovers of the spinach omelet as a light supper.

  2. Cream makes everything taste better. Yumm :)

  3. I’m sure we’ve all had days when there’s ‘nothing in the house to eat’ but we always have eggs, don’t we? Delicious looking omelets, Ken!

  4. So perfect, it almost looks like a taco in the first picture. Everything's good with melted cheese. I draw the line at Velveeta though.


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