16 February 2020

Avant et après

Here are two photos showing what the view from the back gate looked like on Feb. 12 and then what it looks like now. The first photo is the one I posted a couple of days ago with the tree names added on as labels. I think the trees look much less crowded together with the sickly sapin bleu gone.

And here are two more photos, one before and one after, taken from farther away. In these, you can see how much taller the deodar cedar (a.k.a. Himalayan cedar) on the left is than the fir tree that I call "the Christmas tree" on the right. I'm pretty sure the woman we bought the house from said that was a live Christmas tree her family had in the house one year. They planted it in the back yard when the holidays were over.

As you've no doubt noticed, I never get tired of taking pictures of our house and hamlet from out in the vineyard, and thinking how lucky we were to find this house 17 years ago. See below. Our house is the tallest one, and the one with the brownest roof, in the photo.

As for the stump of the felled tree, here's how it was left. We can live with it. After a few years, it will have rotted away. It would have cost a lot more money to have the stump dug out, and would have left a big mess in the yard.

The violent and destructive storm that is supposed to hit the U.K. today seems to be going mostly north of us living here in the Loire Valley. Saint-Aignan is 300 miles south of London as the crow flies. We are supposed to have gusty winds during the day today, but nothing extreme. And we're supposed to get some rain overnight and into Monday morning. We don't need the rain but we don't get to choose, right?


  1. It is always sad to lose a tree, but when it is dying or dead, what else are you supposed to do.

  2. The yard looks better without the tree. Mom used Rock salt to get rid of a tree stump. It takes a while but it will be quicker. Drill a few holes and fill them .

    1. Thanks for that. It's a good idea. I'll try it.

  3. I like the views of your house from out in the vineyard also. Joanna has a good idea for the stump, I may try it on one in our yard here.

  4. I agree about the stump. We left ours, but maybe we'll try Joanna's suggestion.

  5. Beautiful looking property, more open now with the dead tree gone. I also have used rock salt on a tree stump.

  6. We are very glad that you never tire of taking pictures of your house and hamlet!


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